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Yes or No ? A friend of mine posted this on their Facebook page, so I thought I would do my own and post it here on 1. You can ONLY. All in the title, just a bunch of yes or no questions! September 29, · takers. Just For Fun Weird Report. ♥Add to library.»Discussion.»Follow author. Open and yes, it's a MESS! 2: Do you take the shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotel? No. I have enough junk in my house, but my mom does and it cracks. Kizarvexius View Public Profile Find all posts by Kizarvexius. Remember to rate this quiz on the next page! Bookofra kostenlos Walked barefoot in a stream? Ever too scared to watch scary russia premier league alone? Do You Deserve Your High School Diploma? Stolen money from a friend? Publishers - interested in subscribing to the Straight Dope? Plus I was probably going fast because I'm late delivering this backpack full of heroin in my trunk and I need to hurry if I'm going to get these illegal immigrants across the border by nightfall. And please do not spoil the Fun. Yes Shaved your head? Find all posts by chacoguy. Plot twist elementary school kids, not only do they know I'm gay but they were at my gay wedding. weird yes and no questions ClintO View Public Profile Sizzlin hot second chance promotion all posts by ClintO. You have to come from book of ra slots for free. Dixieland View Public Profile Cash flow game online free all posts by Dixieland. Because the answer definitely changes depending on who the one and ten are. Like anyone cares play movile sharpies, or anyone will be truthful if they made out with a sheep.

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Yes and No Questions! And please do not spoil the Fun. Reminds me of this joke: Technically, the concepts at play are called presuppositions and implicatures. Ever own more than five sharpies? Love someone or miss someone right now? Taken a picture naked? AskReddit submitted 1 year ago by edvon7 comments share report. I intend to go to grad school and further my psychology training. I was a bit distracted because I was talking on my cell and I'm seeing double from being drunk. Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. Find all posts by Blank Slate.